Ask the Mailer

Q. Do I need to purchase a bulk mail permit if I decide to use your service?

A. Ask the Mailer says - Great question. No, you do not need to purchase your own mailing permit to mail with ABC Direct Marketing. We have both Presorted Standard and First Class permits that you can use should you decide to mail with us. That alone is a savings of $300.00 - $150.00 for your annual fee and $150.00 for the permit imprint fee.

Q. I have some postcards already printed without a return address or a permit imprint. Can you mail them for me?

A. Ask the Mailer says – Certainly. Our state of the art inkjet printers can inkjet the return address and the permit imprint as it addresses the postcard.

Q. I have a tri-fold newsletter that we want to get in the mail. I think it needs to be tabbed or wafer sealed. Do you do that?

A. Ask the Mailer says – Absolutely. Many times to take advantage of postal discounts and to meet postal mailing requirements, pieces with an open end need to be sealed or tabbed. At ABC Direct Marketing our high-speed tab machine applies the seals quick and clean so that you realize the lowest postage rates available.

Q. I have my customer list in an Excel file. It is too large to go thru by hand to check for duplicates. Does your mailing software check for duplicate names and addresses to prevent my customers from receiving more than one of my mailers at a time?

A. Ask the Mailer says – Our United States Postal Service CASS and PAVE certified does just that. It not only checks for duplicates, it verifies addresses as well. Many of our customers at ABC Direct Marketing love this service because it gives them an opportunity to “clean up” their database.

Q. Time is a luxury for me. I need a mailing service that will follow directions and that just can plain “handle” the mail. Can you help me?

A. Ask the Mailer says – ABC Direct Marketing understands that in today’s super competitive business arena that time is of the essence. Many of our clients, ground ship their printed materials to us, send data and instructions electronically and simply let us take care of the mail. It really can be that easy when you work with ABC!