Direct Mail 101

What is bulk mail?

• Presorted Standard

Third Class mail, or what has been traditionally referred to as Bulk Business Mail (BBM), has been reclassified using the term Presorted Standard mail. The Postal Service offers huge postal discounts for Presorted Standard mail. In many cases, the rates are about one – half of First Class single piece rates. For Presorted Standard mail to be accepted at the BMEU, the Bulk Mail Entry Unit, the pieces of mail presented must be identical in size and weight. This includes letters, flats, postcards, tri-folds, magazines, and brochures. The minimum number of pieces required to qualify for a Presorted Standard mailing is 200 pieces. While there are no guaranteed delivery standards for Third Class or Presorted Standard mail, typical delivery time once the mail has been presented, verified, and postage paid at the BMEU is between 7 – 14 days. Is Presorted Standard right for you? Ask the mailing professionals at ABC Direct Marketing to determine if Presorted Standard BBM, Bulk Business Mail, is a good fit for your direct mail needs.

• Presorted First Class

Presorted First Class mail is another opportunity for your business to take advantage of postal discounts from the United States Postal Service. Many of the same rules and regulations apply from Presorted Standard mail regulations, but there are some noticeable differences. First, while the postage rates are lower than First Class single piece rates, they are not quite as low as the Presorted Standard rates. Second, the minimum piece requirement for a Presorted First Class mailing is 500 pieces, as opposed to the 200-piece minimum for Presorted Standard. Finally, yet importantly, the delivery time for the mail to be delivered once it has been presented, verified, and postage paid at the BMAU is 1 – 3 days. Presorted First Class mail is an excellent way for your business to take advantage of postal discounts for time sensitive mail.


Thought about postal discounts?

At ABC Direct Marketing, we presort your data to the lowest available postal discounts. This means that before we inkjet your mail, our USPS certified postal software has presorted and coded your data using presorts like Mixed AADC, Basic, Five Digit, Three Digit, and/or Carrier Route. These postal terms my not mean a whole lot to you, but believe me when you are dealing with large quantities of mail, this presorting process can add up to postal savings in a hurry! In many cases, the money you save in postage is greater than the money you would pay a service like ABC Direct Marketing to prepare your mail. Now that is a win – win; save money AND have the professionals at ABC Direct Marketing inkjet, code, and deliver your mail in the process. It does not get any easier than that!

In addition to presorting discounts, our USPS certified postal software adds a delivery point barcode to the address. This means that the mail becomes “Automated” and the post office recognizes “Automation” mail and rewards it with postal discounts. Only USPS certified postal software can “Automate” your mail and at ABC Direct Marketing we have the technology and will pass these automation postage savings directly to you!

What types of data does ABC Direct Marketing accept?

For our mailing software to presort, verify, duplicate check and standardize addresses, we can accept Excel, Access, and/or tab or comma delimited text files. If you are not sure if you can export or save your data in either one of these formats, give us a call and we can help you. Many times it is not as difficult to save your data in one of these formats as you might think.

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