"I am not exaggerating when I say that having ABC Direct Marketing take over all of our bulk mailing work was one of the best decisions this agency ever made. We used to agonize over our large mailings, and it would often take several staff members hours to make sure everything was done correctly. Now, I just turn the file and materials over to ABC, and it's taken care of. We are a non-profit agency, but the small amount this service costs us is more than worth it. Every service is timely, cost effective and, most importantly, done right. We love ABC Direct Marketing! They take something we hated to do and do it so much better than we ever did!"

Ari Russell, Executive Director
Gwinnett United In Drug Education


“CURE Childhood Cancer works with ABC Direct Marketing on large bulk business mailings several times a year and they continue to exceed my expectations. ABC Direct Marketing goes beyond good service with a smile; they offer great service with a laugh.”

Jill George, Executive Director
CURE Childhood Cancer
Atlanta, GA


"I have been working with Chris Cawthon and ABC Direct Marketing for over 6 years. I manage more than 22 real estate publications in the Southeast, many of which use ABC Direct Marketing as the direct mail source. ABC Direct Marketing has been an extremely valuable asset to our business model. The people at ABC Direct Marketing are always helpful and prompt in their response and service. I would never entertain using a different source for my direct mailing other than Chris and his excellent people."

Rick C. Smith, Division Vice President
Harmon Media Group
Southeast Division


"We LOVE working with ABC! My job has become so much more pleasant since beginning to send all of our bulk mail jobs through them. All I have to do is prepare the documents and the mailing list, and the rest is taken care of! It saves us a lot of time and even more frustration. Thank you for making MY job easier!"

Jessica Andrews, Director
Georgia Teen Institutes

Web: www.abcdirectmarketing.com